Everything that I want to hear.
(Everything that I want you to hear.)


“Grudges” by Allison Seago

wrote this song tryna convince myself i’m a thug. piano + voice + recording device = one-take magic

"Fuckin Hate You" by Allison Seago

Wrote this about someone who I fuckin hate.

Grimes’ Greatest Hits (full album)

don’t even attempt unless you are a wonk level hipster

See black, see bloom
Died on an impulse over you
Caught like a corpse crawling round a dream and loving you
And she hangs on youth
Crushing any feet to fit the shoes
Stepping it out with a size 12 mouth and cursing you

Small town witch come to mess me up again

"Small Town Witch" by Sneaker Pimps

"Car Song" (explicit) by Spank Rock ft. Santigold

so. fucking. hip.

"Baby" by Spank Rock

hits the nail on the head